Your Website – Responsive design is vital!

Responsive design is vital!
Right now, more and more people access the web from mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, over the laptop or desktop computers, so it is VITAL that your website and your webmails are responsive to these devices screen restrictions and formats.

If you don’t move over to a responsive design, meaning one that automatically adapts to the device it’s being viewed on, you’ll be losing viewers faster than a bucket without a bottom!

Millions of viewers everyday check their e-mails from their smartphone and click through to the webpages linked inside. The problem is, if your website isn’t responsive to adapt to a smartphone layout it is practically impossible to read it and your hard-won visitor simply clicks away….

Now, there are a number of website content management systems that do have responsive themes and also your autoresponder e-mail can have the same functionality.

Take GetResponse for example, a fully responsive e-mail newsletter can be created in minutes, using pre-made templates to save you time, or you can build your newsletter or promotional material from scratch and see it in real-time in the mobile-view panel so you know what your customers will be seeing on any device layout.

This is truly the age of the mobile web and making sure that your message actually gets seen by your subscribers is, as I said, Vital.

There is of course a lot more freedom in a full size desktop website design and you might consider creating a “carrot” to bring your mobile viewers over to your fully-fledged website from a mobile-friendly version. Scrolling through huge long pages of content to find what you’re looking for is tedious, so having easily accessible menus is important.

Factually, not every website can easily be treated well in a limited “mobile app” way, and a great deal depends on the overall content delivery required.

But for the main point of this article and keeping your visitors on your website or web-newsletter page, you’d be certainly very wise to make sure it’s easily readable on a mobile device.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments section and certainly I’d be interested in your suggestions for other subjects top be treated in upcoming articles.

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