Your (near infinite) actual worth versus your perceived worth

feldmesser-co800Hey there, Jez Feldmesser here, from

I was feeling particularly good, being solidly connected to all-that-is in a fun and interesting way today, that I considered it valuable to you to talk to you about how much you’re worth.

Now, I’m not talking about how much you’re currently getting paid “per hour” of your actions in our ‘commercial’ society. I’m talking about how much you’re actually worth, to all-that-is, the world or universe in general depending on how you see things.

I’m guessing, becuase I don’t know you who’s reading this, but I’m guessing that you feel that you’re worth more than you’re being paid.

Am I right? Are you worth more to the world than you’re currently being paid?

OK, cool. I thought so too. But I also think that the job/societal situation you’re curently involved in isn’t perhaps exactly what you would prefer. There are perhaps some things that could be improved?

Ok, good, becuase you and me here are just going to talk over some of these things and then I’m going to let you loose to get that all being sorted out in your own way.

Well, alright. We agree, you’re worth way more than you’re being paid. That’s cool. But, If my hunch is right, you’re not sure how a) you could deliver your worth and b) how you could get exchanged for it. (paid).

Well, that is in fact part of the reason I created, which is a platform, meeting ground, learning center, life-enhancement studio that you can come and get some good stuff, to help you get what you want out of life, by showing you how you can put into life your true value.

How does that sound?

You OK with that concept?

Excellent. Becuase the end result of our little talk here is intended to be an enhanced you , more clear on where you’re going and how fun and exciting and remunerative your next actions will be.

Now, while there are a ton of courses out there on the mechanics of marketing; Capture pages, autoresponders, e-mail marketing, SEO, key-word research, and all that, somtimes the core values of what you’re intending to achieve get a little lost in all that and then the energy doesn’t flow from or to you as you’d like.

Hopefully I can help align you to your true power so you CAN make it all flow.

You are, in fact, a spiritual being with near infinite potential, so you should stop all the self-disparaging gossip you might have going on to yourself. You’re worthy and you’re worth it. You’re as valuable as any other being on this planet and you should be proud of it.

Now I want to get you connected with what you want for the world and have you see that setting up your flows so you can help others will get the flow coming back to you in more ways than you can imagine.

It’s all about People, and if you really know and apply that principle you’ll do just fine.

Help people get what they want and you’ll be able to have everything that you want.

SO, first. Realise how valuable and worthy you are. You don’t need anyones approval, or a monetary value put on your worth. You can’t even think of a number that big, so don’t even try.

Now, from that place of extreme worth, figure out what you want to achieve for the world and set up ways to get that in motion, while ensuring an easy way for others to flow money and energy back to you.

That’s why Social Media has value, becuase it connects people.

And connected people INCREASE in their value through exchange.

Do what you love. Love what you do, and be willing to get paid for your output, over and over again.

If you work for a boss currently and get paid say 12 bucks an hour, I want you to imagine doing an hour’s work on something, and then exchanging that work, not with just one boss who give you $12, but with say, 100 people , each of whom pay you happily $12 for your work. So now you have $1200 for an hours work instead of $12.

Am I making sense here?

Allright, good, so we’re on the same wavelength.

So now, you’re asking me, “Jez, how do I set this being paid again and again machine?”

Well I’m really glad you asked that, but this article is already a tad oversized so I’m going to have to say, connect with me on Facebook, Jez Feldmesser or go to my blog, and connect there.

And I’m really looking forward to building on this awesome relationship we’ve got here!

Have a great day and remember my powerful mantra:

“Go to sleep…..

smarter than you woke up!”


Jez Feldmesser


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