WordPress backup. Did you even THINK about this?



I’m assuming you didn’t.

I didn’t either.

You see when it comes to backing up
Wordpress sites most people rely on a, usually free, WP plugin to do their backups.

Yes, I did that too.

But that’s exactly the problem.

When it’s a plugin, and WP goes down, so does your plugin.

So no access to your site, or a backup or anything.

You’re stuffed.

And your online income source is too.

So, while a plugin IS better than nothing,
and it might save you from complete disaster,
what I have here is the Ultimate solution.

It isn’t a plugin.

It’s a program that you use to back-up
clone and restore COMPLETE WP installations.

You can even use it to clone sites and sell them to clients.

Lucrative Niche sites?

NO problem!

Set up a new site in a few clicks
from an established model and have full-blown sexy-looking
targeted niche sites for any range of products.

The possibilities are endless!

SO while your brilliant ideas are germinating in your head,
get this Special Offer for unlimited sites
AND collect your Done For You websites!


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