Why I promote PLS to my customers

As a happy customer of the Power Lead System (PLS) I’m actually quite enthusiastic when it comes to sharing the business system with my online business friends and acquaintances.

Quite simply, it’s a business-in-a-box system that you can set up within a few minutes to be ready to earn commissions, collect leads, send follow-up e-mails and create capture pages, sales pages, content and promotions for ANY other product or service online or offline.

You can use the PowerLeadSystem to be your central hub for multiple income sources. If you’re already involved with an MLM for example selling, shakes or wraps or skincare products, like many work-from-home moms are, then PLS is your game-changer to boost your online sales and prospect gathering.

If you have a local business, PLS can be your advertising hub to create social media content and collect leads, and sales enquiries.

If you’re and affiliate for any of the big name stores, you can earn bunches of commissions by using the PowerLeadSystem to promote and sell the hot items for you all over your blogs, websites and social media pages like Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

One reason why I love PowerLeadSystem  too is that once you have just 3 sales of the basic system, your outlay to use it is zero! It become a free tool to build an expanding online business for years to come!

What’s really powerful in the PowerLeadSystem  is the training in the back office. A complete university library of how-to training on every aspect of business building, starting from HOW to use the system itself to make profits from month one, up to very high level marketing strategies, once you’re ready for that sort of thing!

Here’s an example screenshot of my e-mails, showing my new leads, opt-ins and customers since the beginning of this month…

 This shows just a small timeslice but you get the idea. Leads and sales on autopilot. I don’t do phone calls to prospects or messaging to anyone ‘trying’ to convince them. My videos and sales pages do the show and tell for me.

If people understand what they’re getting and how step-by-step it is, and the fact that they can use it to promote ANY business that they have or want to join in the future…. it just make so much sense and is so very affordable, people just like you, simply sign up and get to use it immediately.


In fact right on the front page is the EASY button, that get you take through the steps to get your primary business link into the system and connected with a new domain name if you like, so that your links stand out from the crowd! An absolute MUST, if you’re promoting the popular offers with perhaps thousands of others.

Another VERY powerful aspect is the bi-weekly hangouts, by Franco Gonzales, who does a great job at explaining what PLS is to new viewers and those viewers can take their trial right on the same page!

Be sure to check it out and see how it can assist you in creating a flourishing and prospering online business!

Jez Feldmesser

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