Why becoming an Entrepreneur changes your life.

Hey there! I was just doing my daily actions in my online business, when a reply to a message from a friend on LinkedIn prompted me to think a thought that led to this article.

My friend Marika said that my positivity was very helpful in this sometimes grey-looking world and I realised that being a positive influence in life online and offline has a “butterfly effect” (meaning a seemingly tiny action can have vast and powerful consequences).

I then looked a little more closely at the effect of being positive and being an entrepreneur and I cognited that there was a direct relationship.

When a person has seen enough of what they don’t want in life, they have already created, by immediate reciprocal action, a clear idea of what they DO want.

Now, many many people know what they don’t like but they keep on talking about THAT with their friends, family and work colleagues, continually focusing on what’s wrong with their lives.

Now many of you will immediately understand, that by putting energy in to what’s wrong more of that kind of things ‘somehow’ finds it’s way into your life….

I say, ‘somehow’ because you’ll be right in thinking that what you put your attention on, grows. In fact, it’s a simple fact of resonance, that what you keep your attention on becomes attracted to you.

Now, the interesting thing about someone who see’s what they don’t like and then dreams about what they do like, and thinks about how someday, somehow, they’re going to be there, do that and have those things they want, their attraction factor is more positive and thus similar things come into their life.

Two people can look at the same scene, one can see the problems and another can see the opportunities.

The point here is that a person deciding to change their current situation by their own individual efforts creates a shift of mind-set. A very powerful shift.

The ordinary person, bogged down in a job they don’t really care for, and without much of any real security ahead, is not in a good state of mind generally and often the insecurity however deeply hidden by themselves leads to alcohol to numb the harsh reality and perhaps worse still…

However, someone, even in the same unlikable situation, who has determined to change that situation has taken a causative point of view and not an ‘effect’ one.

THAT simple change of attitude actually changes EVERYTHING!

Of course, the reality of life is still there with all that it offers to interest us in figuring it out, BUT our attitude of positive belief in ourselves changes what we think about what we see.

And our positivity IS contagious!

Becoming an entrepreneur and determining to make your own wealth in abundance puts you on a powerful path, that no-one can pry you from, because you know you can make it and you don’t care how long it takes.

Not doing so because of it being a little scary or uncomfortable is unthinkable. After all , you just can’t stand the idea of being in the same lousy job this time next year, IF the company keeps it’s doors open and your job isn’t axed…..

No. Factually, determining to be your own maker of your dreamed-of future is such a booster of personal confidence, people will wonder if you’re in love or “on something” because you have a positive attitude about you that they envy but don’t quite understand.

There is another strange and wonderful fact included in this package.

That is, that the same person, in the same situation, in the same point in their lives, now having just personally determined to do whatever it takes to change it, and make their dreams come true is now a humming, resonating beacon for good things and opportunities that perhaps were already there, but somehow were not visible to them.

Life is viewed from a totally different perspective and you see different things!

How do I know all this? Easy, I am that entrepreneur, I’m on that journey and I’ve seen all of this in myself, so I know exactly what I’m talking about! 🙂

Now all you have to do is to decide to change YOUR life…..

Flourish and Prosper!



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