What the…??? Is that a new B-mobile B-man?….

car-49278_640B: Yes, Robin, it is.  And I paid for it myself!
R: Holy; smokes B-man! That baby must have cost a pretty penny!
B: Well, yes it did, but you know, with my new enterprising activities
it’s not hard to make it back.
R: Woweee B-man, I’d sure like to know how to do that!!
B: Well, you’re in luck Robin, because a good friend of the
Commissioner G, a cool guy by the name of Chris X, has just
allowed the select members of this list to get SIX high-tech
very sophisticated, electronic web-intel machines for less than
the cost of their comic subscriptions!!
R: Really???!!!
B: Yes, but it’s only for a limited time.
We can’t have just anybody getting their hands on this….
No, we have to be careful, and smart.
Just a select few, who can see the brilliance of Chris’s plan
and will help you and me change the lives of many people
who live in Grotham City.
R: How so B-man?
B: Here, Let me show you.
See that RED phone on the dashboard , use that and you’ll learn
all about it.
If you don’t jump on this now, then I can’t really help you.
You’ve got the knowledge, now it’s up to you to use it…
Good luck Robin!

red phone

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