Using Photoshop(tm) to create your own animated gif banners

Make your own banners!

Get trained to make your own banners! 🙂

This article is a short introduction to the video training I have put together to show you haw you can create your own marketing banners as ‘gifs’.

A ‘gif’ is a type of image file that has multiple images in one file that animate automatically. It’s not a video file but an image type that animates, so it doesn’t need a player to see the animation. It will ‘play’ in any web browser on a web page.

Just like the image at the top of this article!

You see them literally everywhere on the web offering this or that product.

Now, what if YOU could learn in under 5 minutes HOW to make your own banners in Photoshop!

That’d be awesome wouldn’t it?

Whether you’re selling stuff on your Ebay, or promoting your Esty store through YouTube or simply want to promote your friendly blog, your own gif banners could be working for you!

Well, you can access this free training on my YouTube channel by clicking the image below.

how to use Photoshop to create animated banners

Be unique! Create your own banners!

Enjoy the video and leave your comments and questions so I can reply, or simply friend me on Facebook for a chat!



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