Upcoming launch of topbodynow.com! An all American organic food, supplement and health products store!

tbnopening1Yes, it’s exciting times! We’re about ready to launch http://topbodynow.com and be able to provide a range of over 10, 000 products ranging from certified Organic and GMO-free produce to natural ingredients cosmetics and health and wellness products.

The aim is to provide a rapid delivery to anywhere in the USA of top-quality organic foodstuffs and health supplements for the conscious consumer who knows it’s worth spending a little extra for top quality food for a healthy lifestyle (and avoiding the doctors bills!)

As one of the pillars of Feldmesser.co , healthy eating and lifestyle is a high priority to ensure that people can enjoy their lives free from problems caused by insufficient healthy nutrition.

Many recent researches show that correct nutrition goes a very long way to reducing the necessity for any type of medication, and assists majorly in the recovery process too.

Topbodynow.com is intended to be a one-stop healthy lifestyle shop that you can easily order (in quantity too!) those items that are just what your body needs to maintain a healthy balance and get the right nutrients.

As we live in a highly-processed food chain system, extra care is needed to make sure our bodies get the vital nutrients, vitamins and elements for our sustained health and resistance to illness.

As the owner of topbodynow.com I work diligently to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and endeavor to become a valuable asset to the Healthy American Lifestyle!

With the emphasis on organic and healthy GMO-free produce, we have a wide range of products for every-day care of you and your loved-ones! With our special baby and children sections to botanicals and herbs. We’re really excited to be able to provide such high-quality products to save you the time and effort of hunting down such items, or driving miles to spend hours in stores. At topbodynow.com you can use our powerful search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for and order how ever much you want.

With the customer account section you’ll be able to see all your orders and save your favorite items too!

We’ll also be keeping you up to date on new products that we add and providing you with special offers too!

In the blog section you can browse the latest information on various healthy lifestyle topics and even find unique recipes to try out!

Health and fitness go hand in hand, so you can be assured that while providing toip-quality foodstuffs and supplements, topbodynow.com will also be featuring simple and easy ways to make small changes to your current lifestyle to reap massive benefits in health and vitality!

I have learned over more than a half a century that small and easy-to-do changes in your lifestyle when compounded over time create massive effects. It’s easy to get into bad habits, but it is also as easy to get into Good habits too! And when you’re enjoying life so much more because of your good habits for health, you’ll never look back!

Topbodynow.com is USA only delivery but we’ll keep you informed as soon as our sister sites for Europe and Asia open!

We’re really excited to be able to bring you topbodynow.com and hope to see you shopping with us very soon!



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