True Story of My Journey From Pain to Health.

Aaaaatchoooom! OUCH!

That’s exactly how my story began in the summer of 2010.

My wife and I were out at a summer jumble-sale enjoying our wandering through the stalls and seeing what we might pick up as a great bargain.

I was walking from one part of the rows of burdened tables to another and as I stepped forward, I sneezed. So what you might say. However, I was mid-step as I sneezed and as I felt the pressure in my chest push against my back and I placed my foot on the ground a massive searing pain shot through my spine.

I was seized solid. I couldn’t move and I was in pain, the likes of which I’d never experienced. I cried out to my wife who was a few yards away to come to help me. She was shocked and a bit panicked by the fact that I wasn’t moving and as I was evidently in excruciating pain.

I caught my breath and somehow made it, by tiny steps with my wife supporting me, back to the car and managed to get seated. I hardly remember the trip home except for the spikes of pain as we hit every bump in the road and was praying that each turn would be the final one.

My wife help me up the stairs to our apartment and I lay face down in the bedroom, hoping naively that it would just settle down and be alright in a few hours.

How wrong I was. I’ll admit that that thought was the wrongest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I lay there and tried to relax as best I could. Eventually of course, I had to answer the call of nature. I’d been lying there for about four hours now, so I was feeling a little more relaxed and recovered. I figured if I could just get vertical, I could shuffle along the wall and perhaps with help sit to do my business.

With a big effort and my worried wife helping as she could, I made it along the corridor wall and to the toilet door.

I let go of the wall, took one pace into the loo and was STABBED! I fell in a crumpled, crying heap on the floor and let out a yell it could have woken the dead. I was in total agony and almost passed out.

I don’t remember really how long I lay there, but my wife found a bowl and I relieved myself lying face-down on it.

My idea of “getting better in a few hours” vaporised in a haze of pain and my wife called the ambulance.

It took 4 guys to get me on the stretcher and maneuver me down the steps, with one man losing his grip on a corner and I nearly fell out of the stretcher and cried out again as I was twisted.

I was rolled into the ambulance and was able to lie there and tried to answer the questions to give the details of my condition. I recall feeling very stupid that I had to be hospitalized because I sneezed on a sunny day……

We arrived at the hospital, I waited and was eventually seen by a doctor, put on a cocktail of pain killers and waited some more.

Eventually, hours later, I was discharged and allowed to return home.

From that point, never a day went by without me taking care to improve how I move, sit, lie and sleep all with a purpose to rebuild my body so that I can live an active and productive life.

This episode has been in pending since 2017 when I began writing it.

It’s August of 2022 now, and I’ve come a long way, so I’ll detail out the recovery so someone might be helped by my personal experiences.

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