“Travel makes you richer”

So the saying goes, “Travel makes you richer” and it’s true. You can’t spend all your life in one area on this planet. There is so much to discover and cultures to mix and mingle with to give you a broader perspective on life.

When you think you’ve got it tough with ‘only’ 5 weeks holiday a year, a quick weeks spent in some other location, albeit with tropical paradise beaches and endless sun, your appreciation for how others live and how life is really good in fact, helps create a better balance of mind.

Looking at pictures or YouTube videos just doesn’t do it. You have to walk in the mountains, or swim in the oceans to get the feeling and relative perspective of our fabulous planet.

From beaches to snowy mountains, or desert roads to rain-forests the world has so much contrast and surprises to offer the traveler, you could never really get enough.

I recently acquired for ourselves a travel club membership and am now planning excursions around Europe in the low season and somewhere spectacular for summer!

Here’s a place I bookmarked to give you an idea. With the colder weather settling in and crazy hurricanes blowing over the USA, I thought a quiet week in Ibizia might be an idea.

Ibizia week for 2

Ibizia week for 2

That’s what I call a great deal for a week in a resort on the island! (that’s a club-members price obviously)

I can already feel the stress melting away and the sea air bringing that healthy glow to our faces! You choose what ‘floats your boat’ with evening beach walks or cocktail crazy dance-music night-life!

The point being, it pays to be a member of such a club and get to experience what the world has to offer. Evidently membership is exclusive, and not all applications are accepted .

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this club.


Enjoy your travelling! 🙂


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