Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

The title is a famous quote and it’s quite true in fact.

There is no way really to give value to the experience of visiting or living in another country. My wife and I love to travel and have promised ourselves to travel more now the children are all grown up. Our current plan is to visit Norway to experience the northern lights this winter! We’ve also learned of a 2 kilometer luge ride that has a metro station at the bottom to take you back to the top! This is one this I have to do! 🙂

I made this collage of a few interesting pics from our recent escapades :

Travel collageJust even crossing a border into new territory in Europe has a host of wonders to delight and enrich the visitor, and as we now live in central France we can get to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland all within a few hours drive!

Last April we visited Holland for the flower show at Keukenhof and profited from a campsite for our camping-car that was inside an attraction park! Hotels are great of course, but we do like the freedom and being able to stop anywhere along the route with a good level of comfort that it provides.

We recently also acquired a high-class travel club membership that allows us to book resorts across the globe for truly unbelievable prices. Our next year of travelling is going to be really spectacular!

It’s an exclusive club for the ‘dedicated travelling types’ and has a number of very valuable services and benefits.

I would say that whatever it takes, make sure you get to see another country at least once a year, just to expand your horizons, increase your culture and truly benefit from all the wonders of the world!

We are also a foster family, and giving the chance and experience of new countries to children is something we hold as our privilege to benefit the youngsters! It’s one thing learning about a country in school, it’s a whole different world when you actually visit for real! We’re all for helping children discover that the world is way more than just their town!

There’s nothing quite like the look of awe and amazement as a child discovers the sea for the first time or the train in the tunnel under the channel.

When I grew up I didn’t have the chance to travel much, and I’m really happy to be able to be the French Hotel for our grandchildren who have already visited France many times and stayed for a month at a time (where you can eat a lot of saucisson and croissants!) since they were only a few years old!

Well that’s all for this article, I’ll be writing up more on our next excursions quite soon!

Leave your comments about your dream locations to visit on the planet, and tell us about your best travel moments too! 🙂

Enjoy life, enjoy the world!


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