The Total Noobs Guide to Internet Marketing

and Creating an
Online Business

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - The Basic Building Blocks

Video 3 - The basic online business schematic

Video 4 - Getting yourself a domain name
and some hosting

Resources links to three hosting providers
Feel free to check out the packages offered by each
and choose the one that you prefer.

A domain name without hosting

You can buy domain name without hosting included and simply “point” (forward it, like you would an e-mail) a subdomain* to your capture page URL.e.g. I purchased and I created a subdomain to an affiliate product capture page
When someone clicks on they get sent to a capture page where they can enter their e-mail for info and are automatically added to my list and receive the follow up sequence.

*subdomain : any URL that has a word and a dot before a domain name
Example: is a domain name, is a subdomain

Video 5 - Forwarding a 'sub-domain'

Video 6 - setting up your business e-mail

Video 7 - Getting an autoresponder


Resources section : Link to Get
Follow the link above now, to set up your autoresponder account
Do this before continuing, so that you can actually follow the next steps.

Video 8 - Creating your first webform


Video 9 - Creating your first Capture page
(Important : This video shows Aweber form integration if you already have Aweber-
see video 9A for Get Response form integration)


Video 9a - Capture page :
GetResponse form integration

Instabuilder is a great Wordpress plug-in that you can use to create practically any kind of webpage that you might need as an internet marketer. In the video above I show a simple use to create a capyure page that you can install your webform on to collect e-mail adresses from your visitors before you send them to an offer.
I much prefer the direct one-time purchase of this plugin over paying for an online service that you pay for monthly, especially for people who are just starting out, to keep your monthly running costs to a minimum, to make you maximum profits! :)

Click the button below to access the purchase page of Instabuilder 2.0


Video 10 - Setting up your Paypal account

I suggest using Paypal because of it's easy setup and widespread acceptance . You can accept all major creditcards via your paypal merchant services and pay fees only on the transactions much like any bank.

There are a number of very useful merchnat tools from simply paypal buttons that you can set up and embed in your webpages to full integration with third-party e-commerce solutions.

With your paypal account you can buy products online and receive money from customers for products or services and memberships.


Video 11 - Summary and "Now what?"


Resources and the Mind-map! :)

A work-in-progress mind-map for Internet marketers, designed to give you links to resources
and examples so you can build up your business and add additional income streams.

Bonus video - Exclusive Interview with multiple 6-figure online entrepreneur ; Ben Martin

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