The Transcendent Renaissance.


I feel great.

I feel unbelievably, incredibly, truthfully, really, really great!
(Did you get that? Even just a little? Good. Stick with me all the way)

I have been on a journey for more than 50 years just in this lifetime, and have been adding nitro fuel to a cosmically spiritual rocket that was launched a long time ago.

I have had indicators, shown to me at various times throughout my life,  that for the most part I had completely misunderstood at the time, but that nevertheless left a trace in me that still glowed.

I have been working hard on myself since my teens, and more so over the last few years and even more intensely over the last few weeks, and tonight it all culminated in some wondrous and great news for everyone on the planet.

All 7.6 billion of us.

Tonight I experienced joy.

Intense, unbridled, limitless (and rather overwhelming in a great way), joy.

I laughed and I cried with joy, and I want to share it with you.

I was discussing with a friend the power of the mind and how a person could heal themselves by their own volition.

Many examples of this are known, two good examples in the film “The Secret” (Rhonda Byrne).

A woman with breast cancer, decides she is cured and spends months feeling the joy of being cured and expressing gratitude for her healing.

Her intense activity of feeling healed and being thankful resulted in her complete recovery without any chemo-therapy or radiation treatment.

I asked my friend to imagine what she would feel like having had a cancer that was ‘uncurable’ and by her own volition having been cured to the complete disbelief and stunned amazement of the medical profession.

How good would that feel?

She replied joy, wondrous ecstatic joy and well-being, indescribable gratitude. My friend felt this joy in herself.

I invited her to see how powerful her own willingness was, that she could experience, by simply thinking about it how good it would feel to be cured of cancer. So can you.

We all can.

I then determined to take this thought process a little further, and I hope you’ll follow along with me. (I kept the best for last)

Can you imagine a little of the joy, elation, well-being, and thankfulness that you could feel being informed that your cancer has disappeared, that you are whole and well again?
Can you feel that?

Great! Hold that joy in your hearts just a little longer and follow me here.

I have long-since realized that our planet is sickening, that it has a cancer and that by most obvious methods of prediction, that the human race will be suffering very badly from that cancer if nothing is done. Do you agree this is so?


(Keep that joy in your heart from earlier, but intensify your hold on it, we’re going to put it to use.)

Now, imagine that you are an inhabitant of the planet, and you were aware of that cancer.

Now, bring yourself into a future, not much further but a little, where you are given the news that the cancer that your planet had, has been definitively cured and has ceased to exist.



Whole again.

You smile slightly to yourself, unsure if you can really believe it.

You see it in the faces of those around you, the smiles are broadening, people more and more are becoming aware and you are seeing the wave of this immensely good news spreading from person to person.

It’s really real, it’s here it’s now, the cancer IS gone and we are still breathing and alive and the sun feels ecstatically good on our faces.

Serenity of our own collective beingness.

That joy you have in your heart has now been expanded 7.6 billion times. Feel it!

The Transcendent Renaissance has occurred, and we live now in a new era of mankind.

We made it because we knew we would.

It has been thought, and so it shall be.

I thank you for your contribution.

You are welcome.

Welcome to your future.


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