The importance of tenacity

If there’s one thing that I have learned from  Internet Marketing is that one must be tenacious if you want to succeed. In fact the trait of being tenacious might be in-born, but it can also be learned and developed.

As in anything, when following a chosen path, we will come across obstacles and it’s not so much the type or level of the obstacles that we face that determines our success or failure, but rather our ATTITUDE that we adopt when facing a difficulty.

In fact, the power of attitude is what will determine whether or not you will eventually reach your determined goals or not.

Tenacity as a adopted frame of mind will see you through, even when you can’t even imagine how you’re going to make it! Just knowing that, whatever comes, “you’re going to see this thing through” you will find yourself being energized from within!

I’d like to illustrate this with a video from a fellow student and member of the Virtual Profit System, who shares his story of tenacity to finally succeed online… Meet Jimmy Morson and Ben Martin :

The Jimmy Morson Interview

Now you can see the power of tenacity!

Here’s the link to the Virtual Profit System so you can find out what it’s all about :

Flourish and Prosper!

Jez Feldmesser

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