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From Science-Fiction to Science-Fuction.

I had an exciting dream last night that introduced the idea of Science-Fuction, Yes Fuction, F-U-C-T-I-O-N which is the extrapolation of Science-Fiction through the creative avenues to a manifested Scientific reality, that then is the culmination of the flow from … Continue reading

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World’s FIRST Website Page Builder Automatically Writes The Sales Copy In Minutes For Any Page You Need In Your Business…

  Get ready to be excited. Let’s recap quickly: The two biggest things which make you moo-lah in your business are; 1) capture pages/sales pages 2) Powerful sales copy You need the above to make serious money in your business. … Continue reading

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Celebration time of over 2000 subscribers!

Yes my friends, I’m celebrating another golden milestone on my route to ultimate success and freedom! Just yesterday I passed the 2000 subscribers goal on my personal mailing lists! I do quite a bit of online marketing and helping people … Continue reading

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Be proud of your new competences!

Being self-confident is vital to your success. You may find that when you get good at something and get a boost of confidence, that a certain sector of people will ‘dislike’ you for being confident. Let them have their issues … Continue reading

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