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From Science-Fiction to Science-Fuction.

I had an exciting dream last night that introduced the idea of Science-Fuction, Yes Fuction, F-U-C-T-I-O-N which is the extrapolation of Science-Fiction through the creative avenues to a manifested Scientific reality, that then is the culmination of the flow from … Continue reading

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Reach out and touch Infinity.

Sometimes I just like to reach out and touch Infinity. I like the tingling feeling I get. Like knowing that you know something but you’re just not yet quite clear on exactly what it is that you know. You just … Continue reading

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Three step wealth plan and why you’re so close….

Like most people, I started online to create an online income of course, but very rapidly I discovered an astounding thing. Thousands of other people were also, like me and you, struggling to make this online business thing work. There … Continue reading

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The Transcendent Renaissance.

Hello. I feel great. I feel unbelievably, incredibly, truthfully, really, really great! (Did you get that? Even just a little? Good. Stick with me all the way) I have been on a journey for more than 50 years just in … Continue reading

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Be proud of your new competences!

Being self-confident is vital to your success. You may find that when you get good at something and get a boost of confidence, that a certain sector of people will ‘dislike’ you for being confident. Let them have their issues … Continue reading

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