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Having been online for a while now and seen a lot of different businesses and their marketing systems, i’ve come across a factor that seems to go against the basic ‘intuition’.

Question. Which would you think would convert better, a simple, boring text only capture page with a one liner and an optin box, or a full colour blog-style video capture page? 

Well, many people would say the sexy butt capture page would perform better, but you’d be surprised to find that the simple style on the left often has a higher opt-in rate. 

I’ve included the links in these so you can follow them and see for yourself the ‘funnel’ that they are a part of.

Evidently in these two they’re not promoting the same thing nor are they targeted to the same audience demographic but when you’re offering a new product or service, you do want to engage in what’s called “split testing”.

That simply means showing either one or the other type of page to your audience on a 50/50 basis and seeing which ‘converts’ the best. i.e. what percentage of the same traffic click through each of the pages.

To properly “split test” you need to change ONLY ONE thing on the page you’re testing at a time. NEVER change more than one or you’ll never know which of the things you chnaged made the difference.

AND be sure to use the SAME traffic source for your test. For example if you had the two pages exactly the same except you chaged the button color from yellow to blue in one page, then you MUSt send the same traffic to BOTH pages equally from the SAME source, eg solo ad, Facebook, Google ads or whatever you use.

As you can see in the image above, the two pages are identical except for the chnage of text colour from one to the other. This pair would be a valid “split test” pair and using Clickfunnels  I can send equal amounts of visitors to each one and validate the winner.

Then I could use the winner and change ONE other item and test that and so on.

This is what marketers are talking about when they say they’ve spent months and thousands of dollars on split testing a capture page.

The reason you do this at all of course is to get the BEST conversion (opt-in) that you can for the least expenditure for your traffic.

I’ve seen capture pages not convert AT ALL, i.e. ZERO optins to up as high as 65% which is 2 out of 3 people opting in. Now if you spend $100 on traffic and get 4 leads of a 100 visitors then each lead cost you $25 and you have a 4% conversion. Now that might even be viable IF you made a $50 commission on each one. But of course, if you improved your capture page and got an 25% optin and made 8 sales from that you’re in excellent profit and you can afford to keep running traffic from that source to that offer, because it’s paying for itself!

So, I hope I’ve been able to clarify some things here and offer you some insights into top-level marketing strategies.

Feel free to contact me here or reach out on social media if you have any questions.

Until the next time,

Flourish and Prosper!

Jez Feldmesser

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