Say “Yes!” to freedom..

Our Camping car called "Freedom"

Our Camping car called "Freedom"

Our camping car is called “Freedom”

We named it that because that’s what it represents for us. Freedom to move where we want, when we want, freedom to stay anywhere in the nature with a level of comfort that our 50+ years have come to expect.

Truth is, we nearly didn’t get it at all. To think that we could have missed out on the joy and experiences that we have already had in just the two years since we bought it.

We’d moved into a 5 bedroom house here in France eighteen months earlier, from living in a tiny, draughty 3 bed apartment for a year and really being fed up with paying rent for nothing to show for it.

My wife and I were looking for a better standard of living and she found a 5 bed house in the same town, so we looked into it. As it turned out we could afford the payments and so we said “Yes” to the freedom that our own house would provide and said “Goodbye” to the cold cramped flat.

Two years after we moved in to our new house, we were living relatively comfortably having included putting in all double glazing and changed out the old inefficient gas boiler for a very efficient condensing one. Evidently, this was a strain on the budget, but we decided to have our comfort ‘now’.

Concurrently I had begun to look online for ways of creating an income as a couple of bad cases of debilitating back-pain in the intervening years had seriously made me question whether I could continue a full time job for much longer.

When you’re lying in hospital, tubed up to painkillers, it makes you think about what might happen if you couldn’t do a ‘normal’ job, and so I began to research online opportunities.

As this was a totally new field to me, I made some stupid mistakes quite quickly and learned some (expensive?) lessons about earning online. Yes, there are some shady opportunities out there, and some that mostly only work if you’re a ‘hard-line’ sales-person. I’m not salesy at all and dislike the idea of having to convince people to buy something. My naive idea was , “they either want it or they don’t”. I’ll admit, I’ve learned a TON of valuable information in my few short years online, and I know exactly why people buy.

Well, back to “Freedom”. We went along to the showroom ‘just to see’ as we were toying with the idea of what it might be like to own a camping car.

We reveled at the top end models and the ultra luxury that they had, but we had some very definite criteria to meet. Our new camping-car had to have 6 adult places to sleep and 6 places seated on the road, with seat-belts.

We’re a foster family and have 3 boys and that was our minimum requirements. Effectively, the choice was reduced, but we did find one that looked good at a fair price.

We went to have lunch to review our find and discuss the finances. We had set a budget limit and realized that owning the vehicle would mean savings in hotel bills along our holidays and weekend excursions, so we said “Yes!” to our freedom and walked out of there a hour later the proud owners of our new pride and joy!

Now we’re able to live the dream we had way back of being able to visit Europe, and life is looking really great!

Moving over to an internet-based income is a real freedom giver, meaning you can ‘work’ wherever there is internet, and that freedom is difficult to find in any other ‘job’.

This blog itself is the platform to share with people like you the dream of making this freedom a reality, and hopefully I’ve inspired you to dream a little bigger and to share with you the how-to of saying “Yes!” to Freedom!

Flourish and Prosper!




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