Revolutionise education on this planet.

I have begun a personal quest, based on a vision I received some months ago and that quest is to revolutionise education on this planet.
Yes, I know it’s an enormous goal.
Utterly impossible some might say.
But “impossible is nothing” as the famous advert words go, and I have determined to bring about a total evolution if not revolution of education on this planet.
It’s not so hard to do really.
You read this blog, you decide that you too will work towards this goal, we can create a group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and all races, cultures and creeds, all united with the commun purpose to elevate education and to give back to the children their right to an education worthy of the name.
We can give our children the resources to expand their knowledge beyond our own. We can humble ourselves and even expect our students to be brighter, smarter, faster, and more intellectually capable than we are.
I know our three sons are. I made sure of that.
That’s all part of the evolution from generation to gerneration. If we don’t allow this natural phenomenon to occur, we stultify our global evolution as a species.
If you feel you have been stultified by your education, then get yourself a real education. My university is the university of life itself. I have studied and inquisitively followed a path to a level of philosophical understanding of human nature, the mind ,and the “problem” of study and education.
The “problem” by the way is NOT the children. My own personal educational experience and also as a father of three boys and now for more than 12 years as a foster father to a number of other children from very different and sometimes very difficult backgrounds.
The problem is NOT the children. The problem is the in the system.
The fact that we have allowed a bunch of very short-sighted individuals to turn our schools into a drug testing farm is in itself unbelievable, which is why we cannot sit around and be stupid sheep any longer or we will all be slaughtered. (If you don’t think that a child destroyed by Ritalin or other drug “behavioral modifiers” hasn’t been slaughtered…)
We need to elevate ourselves to determine to not follow the stream of lemmings to the inevitable educational death, but rise above the tortured scene and change the course of things NOW.
If each one of you reading this helped just one child achieve a true education and not allowed that child to be subjected to ‘mind altering -educational drug torture’ then this article will have helped in a small but potentially very big way.
Please, join with me to save our children and make it YOUR duty to ensure all the children you know can have a true, drug-free education.
Please share this article and join with me on Facebook or Google+ or any other media that you find me in. Google my name and you’ll find me.
Together we can achieve this goal!
Thank you.
Jeremy Feldmesser AKA Jeremusic
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