Reducing your Spam-score in Aweber

Reducing your Spam-score in Aweber
Published on 4/13/2016 on IBOToolbox

Hey friends! Just a quick article to reduce your spam score in Aweber.

Evidently the spam-score doesn’t mean your e-mail is spam at all, it’s just an arbitrary value given to your written e-mail to indicate the likelyhood of your mail being considered spam by a e-mail client spam-filter.

I’m assuming you’re NOT spamming of course and that you are simply writing e-mails to your opted-in e-mail list of subscribers but just want to reduce the spam-score to ensure a higher delivery rate.

The best way to ensure delivery of course is to ask your subscribers to add your sender-email to their list of approved senders or “white-list” you.

Unfortunately not all providers or client software makes this too easy, and some people don’t get what this is all about.


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