A spiritually enhanced day

The temple mascots

So today we spent the afternoon at the Temple of the thousand buddhas and enjoyed the peace, calm and atmosphere of wisdom and well-being that the place has.

I met a wonderful lady who was there for the weekend seminar and had a useful and enhancing conversation with her about the path to enlightenment, the mindset of self-improvement and the benefits of having a place to take time for your inner well-being.

FRANCAIS: Donc, on a passé un bon moment dans les alentours du Temple des Mille Buddhas et j’ai rencontré une dame qui était la pour le weekend seminar. Nous avons eu une belle conversation et parlé de spiritualité, les bienfaits d’avoir une endroit où nous pouvons ressourcer.

a panoramic of the waterfall fountain and entrance.
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7 ways to make more money from your existing website

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Download the pdf by clicking on the image:

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Just how hard can getting traffic be?

web traffic

Just how hard can getting traffic be?

Hard, apparently.

It doesn’t take long of being
a newbie to realize that traffic-getting
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Everything else is a sinch.

But getting traffic – that’s another

At least for most people…

My mate Demetris, however,
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He never struggles for traffic.

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Using this cool piece of
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Jez Feldmesser


image credit: http://www.problogbooster.com/2015/02/get-traffic-to-your-website-free.html
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Allez les jeunes! Which basically translates to “Full ahead the young people!”

This post is a shout-out to the Solidarité Jeunesse – at Le Créneau, Montcombroux-Les-Mines, Allier, France. We visited their open-day today to discover the unsung heroes of the building of a new and wonderfully creative, international, multi-lingual and multicultural world!

Here’s a shout out to everyone I met today, some of whom I didn’t catch your names, but a big Hi to Rosi and Hanna, Alan, Honorine, Joelle, Dj Bettifly and Didier, Antoine, Lorenzo, and several other wonderful people with whom I exchanged a few words but didn’t catch your names. Forgive me, and connect with me through my contact address if you want to continue our stimulating conversation in English, ou en Français si tu prefer….

What’s wonderful is to meet so many people from France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Denmark and more, all getting along together learning each other’s languages and discovering the cultural differences and similarities.

I’ll leave a link so you can find out about the great work that is done here, bringing young people together for a participation in their own personal expansion and creating links and seeing the world from new aspects. All this through workshops and ‘camps’ where these young people can discover more about themselves and see how they can fit in to the greater picture of an interconnected, prospering and kind, helpful world.


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Meeting new people!

Hey! A big shout-out to Framboise, Sarembi and the gang. It was great meeting you yesterday. “Shine on you crazy diamonds”

Salutations ! Un grand coucou à Framboise, Sarembi et la troupe. C’était sympa de vous rencontrer hier.

“Shine on you crazy diamonds”

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From Science-Fiction to Science-Fuction.

I had an exciting dream last night that introduced the idea of Science-Fuction, Yes Fuction, F-U-C-T-I-O-N which is the extrapolation of Science-Fiction through the creative avenues to a manifested Scientific reality, that then is the culmination of the flow from idea, to thoughts to experimentation, to re-modelling, to adjustment of the conceptual-model to finally approach the seeked-for reality, and thus into reality.

I’d thought about the various possible uses of other vowels from the ‘i’ in fiction to the ‘u’ in fuction which is now being defined (by me) as “The final manifestation of that which has been gestating in the realm of fiction long enough to materialise.”

I toyed with the idea of “Science Faction”, a “breaking away from fiction”, in a pre-reality status of not only fiction, and not actually yet a reality, the half-way house between the two.

A kind of twilight-zone.

That might yet still have it’s uses, but the final realisation will be “Fuction”, so us educated, deep-thinking, world-movers and shakers can use the Fuc syllable without being looked upon as being rude or uncouth.

It gives us a definite path now from fiction to fuction and a way of communicating about the processes involved that we haven’t had before.

And if Fuction has you thinking, even if ever so briefly until you get your wandering mind back on the task in hand, considering a relational interaction with your girlfriend that could well bring about the giving birth to a new baby then Fuction is the sublimated thought processes that will give birth to new ideas, things, technology, and social constructs.

It is with the precise idea in mind to conceive of that which is for now simply fiction, and creating on that with all our splendiferous gusto, while never losing sight of the path from fiction to fuction, so as ideas occur to us that are evidently ON that path, that we are mentally in the right place to observe that and move things forward much more rapidly.

I’m sure that Asimov would have approved, and if he’s reading this as another manifestation of humanity, then drop me a line.

We have much to discuss…

Offered to humanity by Jez Feldmesser, 6th day of a chilly November, 2017, to get us thinking in the right (new?) directions.


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Best USB Gaming mouse?

That’s a good question and of course a matter of taste, but choosing a great mouse is very important if you’re a hard-core gamer or even if you’re simply a professional computer-user.
When you use programs such as Photoshop, or Auto-CAD or any other high precision graphics program, the quality of your mouse affects the quality of your work and your production every day.

If you’re anything like me and spend a significant amount of time on a PC for work and for play, you’ll know that a not-very-good mouse can be a real pain in the posterior. What you might not yet truly appreciate is that a really GOOD mouse can make a world of difference to your ease, rapidity and productivity.
A well-designed mouse also reduces hand-fatigue and lessens the stress you have on your arm and shoulder while working or gaming. I’ve been a computer technician for more than 10 years now and I know that a good mouse is vital, having passed through phases of carpal pains and the infamous burning sensation inside your hand due to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

Look after your hands and get yourself the really best mouse that you can afford. It’ll repay you in productivity, comfort and long-term health benefits many times over. (My son is also a geeky type, he’s a programmer and the photo is his mouse version). I’ve included a link to the product on Amazon so you can see what you’re getting.

Being programmable, you can set up special functions if you use a particular action in your favorite programs. Personally I love the (9) and (10) buttons that allow you to instantly raise or lower the sensitivity on-the-fly. Great for precision-dependent programs like Photoshop, Auto-CAD and such.

For example the CTRL-click can be done directly from the mouse! Zoom, and pan with just the mouse, so very useful for 3D artists to orbit easily around their creations, and access detail easily.

Another great feature is the programmable second function that you can access with the special Easy-Shift[+] tm technology, making a total of 31 functions available from only your mouse!

This version is the USB cabled one, with a tough braided protective sheath on the cable that prevents strain on the cord and means it will last a good while , even when in intense use.

Professional PC user or hard-core Gamer, this is the mouse for you.

I’ve included a link to this particular version,( and my son who’s a programmer, swears by it),  as well as the Guide pdf on Roccat’s site so you can see the amazing level of sophistication


Here’s the link to the guide pdf on Roccats website .

User guide

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Revolutionise education on this planet.

I have begun a personal quest, based on a vision I received some months ago and that quest is to revolutionise education on this planet.
Yes, I know it’s an enormous goal.
Utterly impossible some might say.
But “impossible is nothing” as the famous advert words go, and I have determined to bring about a total evolution if not revolution of education on this planet.
It’s not so hard to do really.
You read this blog, you decide that you too will work towards this goal, we can create a group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and all races, cultures and creeds, all united with the commun purpose to elevate education and to give back to the children their right to an education worthy of the name.
We can give our children the resources to expand their knowledge beyond our own. We can humble ourselves and even expect our students to be brighter, smarter, faster, and more intellectually capable than we are.
I know our three sons are. I made sure of that.
That’s all part of the evolution from generation to gerneration. If we don’t allow this natural phenomenon to occur, we stultify our global evolution as a species.
If you feel you have been stultified by your education, then get yourself a real education. My university is the university of life itself. I have studied and inquisitively followed a path to a level of philosophical understanding of human nature, the mind ,and the “problem” of study and education.
The “problem” by the way is NOT the children. My own personal educational experience and also as a father of three boys and now for more than 12 years as a foster father to a number of other children from very different and sometimes very difficult backgrounds.
The problem is NOT the children. The problem is the in the system.
The fact that we have allowed a bunch of very short-sighted individuals to turn our schools into a drug testing farm is in itself unbelievable, which is why we cannot sit around and be stupid sheep any longer or we will all be slaughtered. (If you don’t think that a child destroyed by Ritalin or other drug “behavioral modifiers” hasn’t been slaughtered…)
We need to elevate ourselves to determine to not follow the stream of lemmings to the inevitable educational death, but rise above the tortured scene and change the course of things NOW.
If each one of you reading this helped just one child achieve a true education and not allowed that child to be subjected to ‘mind altering -educational drug torture’ then this article will have helped in a small but potentially very big way.
Please, join with me to save our children and make it YOUR duty to ensure all the children you know can have a true, drug-free education.
Please share this article and join with me on Facebook or Google+ or any other media that you find me in. Google my name and you’ll find me.
Together we can achieve this goal!
Thank you.
Jeremy Feldmesser AKA Jeremusic
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Reach out and touch Infinity.

Sometimes I just like to reach out and touch Infinity.

I like the tingling feeling I get. Like knowing that you know something but you’re just not yet quite clear on exactly what it is that you know.

You just know that you know something, and that makes you feel fuzzy and makes you secretly smile.

It doesn’t really matter even what it is that you know. You just know that you know something so mind-bogglingly profound it would take you a hundred years of explaining to bring someone else up to speed with what you know, but you just know all of what you know.

Having lived countless lifetimes, one can acquire a great deal of knowledge. But what one tends to acquire most usefully of all, is how one gets to feel about what one knows.

Perhaps the feeling about what you know is more important than what it is that you know.

Like the effect on you of an abstract painting. There are no words to describe what you ‘get’, and the details are all there but inexplicable to anyone but you and your interpretation.

I like the feeling of the feeling, because I can know that concept, regardless of which language I currently speak, and that is perhaps too why I am profoundly a composer of music.

The ideas, emotions, feelings and sensations that music without words can create within are limitless and evolving. Just like we are.

I can hear a piece of music at some time and dislike it. Then I can hear it again, ten years later and love it. Why?

Because we change. We evolve eternally and so does what we know, and what “we think about everything”, and what our ‘resolutions’ about what it is that we think that we know that determine our way of handling those things that we face from day to day.

One of the most exciting things that I love to experience, is that ONE new thing that enters your sphere and changes everything that you think about everything. It’s perhaps not that common, or perhaps not allowed to be that common, because many people like to have a stability in what they think, because changing their mind would mean (erroneously) that they were ‘wrong’.

No, you can’t be wrong thinking in a certain way if you didn’t know, so being able to allow a new datum in, that puts everything into ‘question’ is awesome.

It shows that the universe in entirely flexible, adaptable, morphing and shape-shifting to be that which we consider it should be. And that, long enough for us to say “See? I told you that’s how it is!”

Except that’s just how it was, and not necessarily how it will be.

People have the idea that they like things to remain the same. And evidently a certain amount of that IS necessary for existence to be somewhat predictable. But the potential for new and unexpected is exciting and life-giving to a world that gets painted over so many times it all becomes a mushy grey…

I recall looking at the girl who was to become my wife. I saw unlimited possibilities, limitless potential futures, any of which could be transformed into reality with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

As it was she said ‘yes’ and here we are, thirty-five years later, still exploring what can become….


Jez Feldmesser


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