90k in 2018…

Check out this amazing interview where Amanda (single mom of 2 young children) tells us all exactly how she went from broke to 90k in a year.  http://powerchats.mywebsuccess.info 

This interview might well change your outlook on life. 

If she can, then perhaps you can too….  

 Jez Feldmesser

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Home based business ideas :

Home based business ideas : What is affiliate marketing? Question answered!Linked to IBO on 2/13/2019 with 52 IBO views to date.
For additional information click below

Click Here

affiliate marketingbest home based business 2019

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Simple capture pages often work best

Published on 4/4/2019For additional information

Click Here

Having been online for a while now and seen a lot of different businesses and their marketing systems, i’ve come across a factor that seems to go against the basic ‘intuition’.

Question. Which would you think would convert better, a simple, boring text only capture page with a one liner and an optin box, or a full colour blog-style video capture page? 

Well, many people would say the sexy butt capture page would perform better, but you’d be surprised to find that the simple style on the left often has a higher opt-in rate. 

I’ve included the links in these so you can follow them and see for yourself the ‘funnel’ that they are a part of.

Evidently in these two they’re not promoting the same thing nor are they targeted to the same audience demographic but when you’re offering a new product or service, you do want to engage in what’s called “split testing”.

That simply means showing either one or the other type of page to your audience on a 50/50 basis and seeing which ‘converts’ the best. i.e. what percentage of the same traffic click through each of the pages.

To properly “split test” you need to change ONLY ONE thing on the page you’re testing at a time. NEVER change more than one or you’ll never know which of the things you chnaged made the difference.

AND be sure to use the SAME traffic source for your test. For example if you had the two pages exactly the same except you chaged the button color from yellow to blue in one page, then you MUSt send the same traffic to BOTH pages equally from the SAME source, eg solo ad, Facebook, Google ads or whatever you use.

As you can see in the image above, the two pages are identical except for the chnage of text colour from one to the other. This pair would be a valid “split test” pair and using Clickfunnels  I can send equal amounts of visitors to each one and validate the winner.

Then I could use the winner and change ONE other item and test that and so on.

This is what marketers are talking about when they say they’ve spent months and thousands of dollars on split testing a capture page.

The reason you do this at all of course is to get the BEST conversion (opt-in) that you can for the least expenditure for your traffic.

I’ve seen capture pages not convert AT ALL, i.e. ZERO optins to up as high as 65% which is 2 out of 3 people opting in. Now if you spend $100 on traffic and get 4 leads of a 100 visitors then each lead cost you $25 and you have a 4% conversion. Now that might even be viable IF you made a $50 commission on each one. But of course, if you improved your capture page and got an 25% optin and made 8 sales from that you’re in excellent profit and you can afford to keep running traffic from that source to that offer, because it’s paying for itself!

So, I hope I’ve been able to clarify some things here and offer you some insights into top-level marketing strategies.

Feel free to contact me here or reach out on social media if you have any questions.

Until the next time,

Flourish and Prosper!

Jez Feldmesser

 P.S. If you’re looking for ways to increase your online busines, then check out this FREE training on Thursday nights!

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17 Ways To Use Email Marketing To Generate More Traffic And Sales

Here’s a great e-book that takes the guesswork out of “What should I do now?”

A veritable list of positive actions that you can take to improve your reach, conversions and sales from your online and e-mail marketing.

17 ways to use email marketing
17 Ways To Use Email Marketing To Generate More Traffic And Sales
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7 ways to make more money from your existing website

Here’s a great training in easy-to-read pdf file format. It shows you 7 easy-to-implement ways to get more revenue from your website visitors by putting in simple but effective additions to a static site.

Download the pdf by clicking on the image:

Click to download
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Complete website for sale, with domain name too.


Complete website for sale, with domain name too.
Yes, you can see for yourself.

http://cryptocoinhero .org is online, full of content and
affiliate links to Amazon and I’m selling it.

You can buy it now for $275, but it’s on auction so
it might sell for a bunch more.

cryptocoinhero .org
Nice eh?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s rather easy to set up awesome websites like this one, and it isn’t expensive either.

I bought the domain name for about $12, I got some great hosting for it at $4/month
And I bought some training on how to do it for less than $15, which also included the great dynamic WordPress theme that it’s made with, AND the plug-in that collects and updates the content automatically!

And Godaddy values JUST the domain name at $495,
so anyone who gets it for $275 is getting a great deal.

How cool is that?

I know , it’s awesome.

And you can make websites like these in less than an hour and sell them for anything between
$50 to $300 each.

How many do you want to sell today?


Well, the valuable know-how is all here.



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Just how hard can getting traffic be?

web traffic

Just how hard can getting traffic be?

Hard, apparently.

It doesn’t take long of being
a newbie to realize that traffic-getting
is where the rubber hits the road.

Everything else is a sinch.

But getting traffic – that’s another

At least for most people…

My mate Demetris, however,
is diferent.

He never struggles for traffic.

He gets all his for free.

Using this cool piece of
software he created – I’ve
checked it out myself and
I can tell you: it works.

Get the free traffic here;

Then you can actually start creating profits from any offer you choose!

And THAT’S awesome!

Jez Feldmesser


image credit: http://www.problogbooster.com/2015/02/get-traffic-to-your-website-free.html
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Allez les jeunes! Which basically translates to “Full ahead the young people!”

This post is a shout-out to the Solidarité Jeunesse – at Le Créneau, Montcombroux-Les-Mines, Allier, France. We visited their open-day today to discover the unsung heroes of the building of a new and wonderfully creative, international, multi-lingual and multicultural world!

Here’s a shout out to everyone I met today, some of whom I didn’t catch your names, but a big Hi to Rosi and Hanna, Alan, Honorine, Joelle, Dj Bettifly and Didier, Antoine, Lorenzo, and several other wonderful people with whom I exchanged a few words but didn’t catch your names. Forgive me, and connect with me through my contact address if you want to continue our stimulating conversation in English, ou en Français si tu prefer….

What’s wonderful is to meet so many people from France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Denmark and more, all getting along together learning each other’s languages and discovering the cultural differences and similarities.

I’ll leave a link so you can find out about the great work that is done here, bringing young people together for a participation in their own personal expansion and creating links and seeing the world from new aspects. All this through workshops and ‘camps’ where these young people can discover more about themselves and see how they can fit in to the greater picture of an interconnected, prospering and kind, helpful world.


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Meeting new people!

Hey! A big shout-out to Framboise, Sarembi and the gang. It was great meeting you yesterday. “Shine on you crazy diamonds”

Salutations ! Un grand coucou à Framboise, Sarembi et la troupe. C’était sympa de vous rencontrer hier.

“Shine on you crazy diamonds”

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Baïeuurdavfonkistitial (A New word for the planet)

Baïeuurdavfonkistitial as a word, came to me while I was contemplating the inclusion of varied ethnic sounds, vocal and instrumental, in the creation of a new piece of music.

I wanted to be able to perceive the variety of ethnies within the vocal and instrumental structure of the piece such that we are imbued with a deep-seated sensation of the power, beauty and intricately delightful mixedidity of our world/universe.

This new word, Baïeuurdavfonkistitial,now can be used to describe any given human endeavor, creation, work of art or music, architecture, clothing , education or living expression of the energy and satisfyingly uplifting nature of anything that is multi-ethically all-inclusive in nature.

It is a word that describes the existence of the fact that the whole is more than just the sum of it’s parts,because each part acts as a catalytic enhancement of the other parts such that the result is exponentially more than simply the sum.

This might come as a surprisingly new concept, but in looking for the answers to create a fully-aligned and harmonious existence for all, I stumbled across this rather delicious concept and thought it valuable enough to put pen to paper (so to speak) and create this digital manifestation that you are now reading.

Even just saying the word creates a multi-ethnic sensoriality.

[Baï-uur-dav-fonk-iss-tishal], try it! 🙂

Humbly offered to the world as part of the transcendent renaissance,


hashtag #bdvfktl

Jez Feldmesser


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