My drug-free way to get rid of a migraine headache.

My drug-free way to get rid of a migraine headache.

Hi everyone. Today’s blog will be short as I have a migraine starting up and you’ll have to excuse me while I go off-line to handle it. I decided to blog about this today because very often the fact of having a migraine headache affects us so badly that we cannot function normally.
I have known people who have had to disconnect from the world in a total quiet often for many hours or even overnight wasting the entire day because of a migraine headache. I know many people who take drugs (medication) in an attempt to handle it, with more or less success (often less).
Personally I do not take any form of drug. My personal choice. So paracetamol, codeine, or any other drug-based pain killer is not an option.
I do not want to hide the pain from myself.
I want to achieve a harmony with my mind/body so that the pain goes.
Anyone who has suffered from migraines will tell you that it is a tricky beast and not easy to combat. They will also tell you how completely debilitating it can be.


Many people will tell you also that going to sleep is not an option for the fact of lying down justincreases the pain. I have experienced this too, with nausea and vomiting, a state of very reduced faculties and such intense pain I thought my head would explode.
I wasn’t willing to let this continue so… I found a way through.
This is just my personal experience and does not in any way constitute medical advice. If you want medical advice see your doctor.
I will just explain to you here what I did that was successful, so perhaps you to can benefit…
I stood in the middle of a sport floor mat (to be softer to fall on if I was to fall over.)
I shut my eyes and stood straight, relaxing my body as much as possible. (I lift my head up lengthening my neck as if a string was attached to the top of my head.) I allow the blood to circulate freely in my limbs.
the room is quiet and without disturbing lights.
(…. this is where I left to get rid of the pain….the rest is written the next day)
I relax and allow myself to alignwith my body as I feel it.
I do not try to think.
I relax every part of my body as much as possible, especially arms shoulders and neck.
I keep my weight distributed evenly left and right and take a relaxed ‘tai-chi’ type of stance (knees slightly bent, bottom in, shoulders relaxed arms by my sides)
I let go, of tensions. I “let go” of thoughts that try to begin a train of thought. I just let go of everything that I can. I take my attention units OFF of everything that they are stuck to. Problems, appointments, undone actions, incomplete actions etc etc. I just let them go.
I ‘sense’ which way I can go (mentally) that is less painful. I feel around ‘where’ there is less pain and I ‘go’ in that direction.
If I get a picture, idea, or concept appear and it is less painful, I follow. If its more painful I go the other way. This is all mental activity, not body movement.
I often get a “disconnected from body” feeling and I let that happen. The more disconnected the better = less pain.
I considered it prudent to be on a soft floor, just in case I disconnected a little too much, but I know the body is totally capable of taking care of itself and it doesn’t need me, so I can disconnect for a while and I know I’ll feel better when I get back.
Often the eyes will ‘cry’ and I will yawn. I continue the relaxing, following the less-pain pathway and controlling my breathing. Deep long intake , slow full exhale.
I continue this activity for as long as it takes to completely relieve the pain.
As I was writing this last night I had to stop and do exactly as explained above for almost an hour, and afterwards when the pain is all gone, I get very hungry! I’m sure that the mental activity engaged in while doing this uses up a bunch of calories!
So I got a melted cheese and Marmite sandwich and went to bed. I slept great and woke up full of life! (My wife can vouch for that!)
So, there you have it. For me, it works every time and it’s worth spending the hour or two that it takes to completely rid myself of the migraine headache ‘attack’.
I have already tried many other solutions before when I was younger, and nothing ever worked. I have before spent a day or two in bed, suffering and thinking I’d be afflicted for life with this. But , thankfully, these are a rare occurrence (about 2 or 3 a year) but when it turns on, I know I can turn it off, without having to resort to any medication or waste a day  in pain.
I hope this can give some hope to you if you suffer from these type of headaches. Try it and let me know what happens.
Catch you all tomorrow!



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