Moving into my own power.


Hi there, Jez here.

It’s 00:14 on the 3rd of Feb, 2016.

A great day to bring you some great news;

Sometimes, as I allow myself to get connected to all that is, I get the inspiration to share with you all, the thoughts that occur to me as they occur, so that perhaps you too can benefit from watching the transformation of a very ordinary guy into a very extraordinary guy, with the very explicit intention that you follow to be your very extraordinary self, just as fast as your change of mind can take you.


The point being, this is a journey en-route. It isn’t a ‘done’, it’s occurring right now as I write, so please forgive me for any unfinishedness that you might encounter.

Fact is, everything is unfinished, in any state that you care to look at it.

While contemplating my ascent to my own personal position of power, as you will once you get the hang of where I’m going with this, I realised that I don’t require much assistance from anyone, and that a tiny assistance that anyone could afford, would be all that is needed to put the people of your choice into positions of power necessary to bring about the positive desired changes for this planet.


You see, I’m one of the good guys. I finally proved that to myself having been a bit of an idiot and made a whole bunch of stupid personal errors of judgment concerning what I considered important.

Thankfully, I learned fast enough and was able through my errors to learn and grow.

Long story short, I am here, writing this to help everyone who reads it to acquire a state of personal certainty on their own innate individual power, that will be the required salvation for the entire planet.

The great thing about all of this is that you don’t have to right any huge insurmountable wrongs.

You just change yourself, and that changes everything.

Weird idea, huh?

Yes, I thought so at first, but when you realise how we are all very connected in our seemingly disconnected way, that can be the only solution to result in the required resolution.

And the faster we get everyone we love on that road, the sooner we’ll arrive where we’re going.

Jez Feldmesser

© 2016






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