Global profit system – overview and why

Ben Martin and Anji Long have created a gem of a system here. It’s called the Global Profit System, and for good reason. It allows someone to earn online from practically anywhere in the world!

It’s quite simply a system that allows you to create an online business while helping other people to create their own online business!
You can  just follow the link above and learn all about the vital basics of setting up an online business system that pays you recurring commissions for helping other people set up their business.

A simple online system that shows you how to build your online business and provide value and services to other people like you, who want to learn how to build their own online business.

It is not-so-common knowledge that any online business must have THREE vital components, or it will surely fail.
1. You must have a web presence that is under your control. A website/blog/shop etc.
2. You must have a way of collecting people’s e-mails so you can follow up with them when they perhaps don’t immediately purchase your offer. Most people don’t buy on their first view of a product or service. It takes between 7 to 12 times, seeing a relevant offer before someone actually buys.
3. You must have a way of creating “sales funnels” and “capture pages”. systems of related web pages that work together to inform your potential customers about the value and benefits of the products or services that you provide.

If you’re not sure what a sales-funnel or capture page is they’re simple webpages that have a specific function (like an opt-in box to put your e-mail address to sign-up for a mailing list)

The Global Profit system fully integrates all of these three vital components into a functioning profitable system and provides the hosting , promotion material and training so that you can use this to promote any  of your online products and services, while earning commissions for helping spread the word about the tools and services that any profitable online business must have.

Of course, there are advanced training modules that show you ways to get traffic, and how to track where your sales are coming from so you can correctly monitor which promotional actions are successful and which are not.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner in the online business scene or if you’ve been around for some time, this system has something to offer for everyone, and a simple system that teaches you the BASICS while helping you build a sustainable, profitable online business, without the headaches of having to get a loan, or hire anyone…..

Just set it up, create your accounts and get your tools, plug in your affiliate links and promote your OWN business!

And of course, they have a great help desk and FAQs, plus, you know I’m only an e-mail away if you need any help.

Jez Feldmesser


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