From Science-Fiction to Science-Fuction.

I had an exciting dream last night that introduced the idea of Science-Fuction, Yes Fuction, F-U-C-T-I-O-N which is the extrapolation of Science-Fiction through the creative avenues to a manifested Scientific reality, that then is the culmination of the flow from idea, to thoughts to experimentation, to re-modelling, to adjustment of the conceptual-model to finally approach the seeked-for reality, and thus into reality.

I’d thought about the various possible uses of other vowels from the ‘i’ in fiction to the ‘u’ in fuction which is now being defined (by me) as “The final manifestation of that which has been gestating in the realm of fiction long enough to materialise.”

I toyed with the idea of “Science Faction”, a “breaking away from fiction”, in a pre-reality status of not only fiction, and not actually yet a reality, the half-way house between the two.

A kind of twilight-zone.

That might yet still have it’s uses, but the final realisation will be “Fuction”, so us educated, deep-thinking, world-movers and shakers can use the Fuc syllable without being looked upon as being rude or uncouth.

It gives us a definite path now from fiction to fuction and a way of communicating about the processes involved that we haven’t had before.

And if Fuction has you thinking, even if ever so briefly until you get your wandering mind back on the task in hand, considering a relational interaction with your girlfriend that could well bring about the giving birth to a new baby then Fuction is the sublimated thought processes that will give birth to new ideas, things, technology, and social constructs.

It is with the precise idea in mind to conceive of that which is for now simply fiction, and creating on that with all our splendiferous gusto, while never losing sight of the path from fiction to fuction, so as ideas occur to us that are evidently ON that path, that we are mentally in the right place to observe that and move things forward much more rapidly.

I’m sure that Asimov would have approved, and if he’s reading this as another manifestation of humanity, then drop me a line.

We have much to discuss…

Offered to humanity by Jez Feldmesser, 6th day of a chilly November, 2017, to get us thinking in the right (new?) directions.


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