Earth 2.0, After the reboot

 A short (very long) story (truth) written (created) by Jeremy Feldmesser (at least, you know him by that name for right now)....



...“What’s that?”

Earth 2.0


Yes, after the reboot.

“Umm …what exactly happened?”

Well, earth had been running along for a few millennia and the introduction of humanity had caused a little more chaos in the chaos-theory than had originally been estimated.

“More chaos?”

Yes, well, introducing humanity onto the planet at this stage then, was seen as a good idea for the quasi-infinite production of multiple randomly variating variables, leading towards the creation of the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum (KV Jr.) which was needed for the retro-future feedback loop in the laboratory (Universe 1.0).

“Um, ok…. So how did we get 2.0?”

I’ll admit it, I did take a while to come up with the re-boot protocol to introduce into the time-space think-stream, but once I’d got the inspiration (rather like the one I have for writing this story on Earth 1.0 not knowing at all how this is going to roll out, but trusting completely in my as-yet undiscovered ability to complete that which I have begun), it all seemed rather obvious and quickly came through the creation-transmute tube into a definite time-space reality.

“You lost me a bit there, but keep going, I think my mind will eventually catch up if I allow the immersion”
You’re right. The concepts are rather different than those 1.0 thought streams like “I wonder what I’d like for breakfast?” or “If it’s not raining today, I might do something…”-

- The concepts seem to eventually materialize like a not-too sudden but expected reality shift where you finally GET it and then can’t see how it was possible that you hadn’t got it earlier when you already knew what you already know, but you never trusted what you knew and allowed non-positive mental distortion layers to fuzzify your own knowingness to the point that you could be told practically anything and you would accept it as cold hard undeniable truth, when in fact it was merely the ephemeral ballonings of a few mind-warped puppet-men.

- Yes, I know, I couldn’t believe my own thinking either, until I crossed the THRESHOLD.
“Mind-warped puppet-men?”

Yes, those are the ones that, through their distortion of the universal-law-of-exchange had created a minor black-hole of mental distortion that seemed like it would go super-nova and engulf everything.
“go on…”

OK. So the apparency was that a huge distortion field was engulfing a major part of humanity in a way where their actual worth was being diminished to almost zero, and where the zero of ‘things’ was being falsely hyped-up in value (according to them) to be near infinitely valuable.

A complete imbalance according to universal law and thus a seemingly perpetual motion towards destruction was beginning to manifest.

“You mean, the end of life as we know it?”

Yes, exactly that

“That’s a really bad thing then!”


“How come ‘No’? ”

Simply –No. It wasn’t an unforeseen imbalance at all. It was in fact the required imbalance necessary to make-it-go-right in the final actualisation.

“I’m feeling like I might even begin to understand this. Like the way you pull back on an arrow in the wrong direction, before you finally launch it into its unstoppable true path?”

Yes. Exactly like that. It would be necessary to apply that thought to a quasi-totality of that which had been touched by human-kind on a fractal, micro/macro cosmological level and the let it all go-right all at once, which, as we only found out after the fact, was in truth, completely and utterly inevitable.



“You mean we couldn’t have created the disaster of a destroyed earth even if we tried to?”


“But….listen…I studied Global warming, warring nations, mind control, the plunging of earth into the think-stream dark-ages in the 2nd millennium by the Psychs, the Pharma-world domination plan, the GMO holocaust…. I even majored in transdimensional parallel-universe time-space electro/field quantum dynamics, and I couldn’t see or think of ANY way this could turn out OK?”



You didn’t “think of any way that this could have turned out right”

“Well, no I didn’t. Don’t make me angry now, but I can tell you, it was obvious to me, through all the evidence available, and believe me we gathered several guingo-tetra nodes of data on the upcoming cataclysm to see if we could work out a way to avoid it!”

“How could I have possibly seen it any other way??”

You couldn’t have.


But I did.

“Please, explain this to me before I explode”.

Of course.

But that’s just exactly it. You didn’t think of a way that it could come out all right because of all the ‘evidence’ that you were trying to work with.

I, on the other hand, IGNORED, all of the ‘evidence’ because ALL of that ‘evidence’ was in fact just the self-created ‘reality’ that you think of as ‘undeniable truth’ merely because you created it.

And to not include it in your thinking would mean that you would have to discard everything that you think you know in order to reason.

At least in order to reason correctly.


Alright, well. I was studying at the time the relationship between truth, reality, commonly-percieved –reality and situational-exactitudes, otherwise known as IS-ness.


Yes, Is-ness, that which is.

Undistorted by viewing and/or thinking. Is-ness is simply that which is, and when you use that to think with, the results of that think-stream lead into a completely different sub-set of knowns and hence change the outcome of the final result.

“And the final result was Earth 2.0?”


“…but it’s exactly the same Earth!”

Well, yes and no. The think-stream has shifted, meaning it isn’t thought of in the same way any longer.

“But how in the blazes can a shifting of a thought-stream make any frikking bit of difference to the quantum-nodes of evidence pointing to total cataclysm?!”

I thought you might find this bit difficult to digest, but stick with me here and I’ll explain.
You see…….

(to be continued)

© Jeremy Feldmesser 2015 All rights reserved.


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