Creating your own animated banners and increasing your income!

Hello! Today’s post is about getting a little bit creative and learning to create your own banners for advertising.

You know those animated images that are used all the time to attract your attention? Well, though many websites use flash or other programming languages, you can use very simple image editing software to make good animated banners to advertise your products or affiliate products.

The great part about making your own banners is that they’ll be totally original and thus stand out from the crowd.

Banner advertising is a HUGE market and practically every website you visit has one or more banner spaces used to advertise the sites products or sold space advertising related niche products to a ready-to-buy audience!

Get YOUR own banner ads out there and get selling!


Watch the short video below to learn all about it!

Making your own animated banners

So there you have it!

Load up your image software and get creating!

Flourish and Prosper!

Jez Feldmesser

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