Complete website for sale, with domain name too.


Complete website for sale, with domain name too.
Yes, you can see for yourself.

http://cryptocoinhero .org is online, full of content and
affiliate links to Amazon and I’m selling it.

You can buy it now for $275, but it’s on auction so
it might sell for a bunch more.

cryptocoinhero .org
Nice eh?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s rather easy to set up awesome websites like this one, and it isn’t expensive either.

I bought the domain name for about $12, I got some great hosting for it at $4/month
And I bought some training on how to do it for less than $15, which also included the great dynamic WordPress theme that it’s made with, AND the plug-in that collects and updates the content automatically!

And Godaddy values JUST the domain name at $495,
so anyone who gets it for $275 is getting a great deal.

How cool is that?

I know , it’s awesome.

And you can make websites like these in less than an hour and sell them for anything between
$50 to $300 each.

How many do you want to sell today?


Well, the valuable know-how is all here.



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