Best USB Gaming mouse?

That’s a good question and of course a matter of taste, but choosing a great mouse is very important if you’re a hard-core gamer or even if you’re simply a professional computer-user.
When you use programs such as Photoshop, or Auto-CAD or any other high precision graphics program, the quality of your mouse affects the quality of your work and your production every day.

If you’re anything like me and spend a significant amount of time on a PC for work and for play, you’ll know that a not-very-good mouse can be a real pain in the posterior. What you might not yet truly appreciate is that a really GOOD mouse can make a world of difference to your ease, rapidity and productivity.
A well-designed mouse also reduces hand-fatigue and lessens the stress you have on your arm and shoulder while working or gaming. I’ve been a computer technician for more than 10 years now and I know that a good mouse is vital, having passed through phases of carpal pains and the infamous burning sensation inside your hand due to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

Look after your hands and get yourself the really best mouse that you can afford. It’ll repay you in productivity, comfort and long-term health benefits many times over. (My son is also a geeky type, he’s a programmer and the photo is his mouse version). I’ve included a link to the product on Amazon so you can see what you’re getting.

Being programmable, you can set up special functions if you use a particular action in your favorite programs. Personally I love the (9) and (10) buttons that allow you to instantly raise or lower the sensitivity on-the-fly. Great for precision-dependent programs like Photoshop, Auto-CAD and such.

For example the CTRL-click can be done directly from the mouse! Zoom, and pan with just the mouse, so very useful for 3D artists to orbit easily around their creations, and access detail easily.

Another great feature is the programmable second function that you can access with the special Easy-Shift[+] tm technology, making a total of 31 functions available from only your mouse!

This version is the USB cabled one, with a tough braided protective sheath on the cable that prevents strain on the cord and means it will last a good while , even when in intense use.

Professional PC user or hard-core Gamer, this is the mouse for you.

I’ve included a link to this particular version,( and my son who’s a programmer, swears by it),  as well as the Guide pdf on Roccat’s site so you can see the amazing level of sophistication

Here’s the link to the guide pdf on Roccats website .

User guide

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