Be proud of your new competences!

Being self-confident is vital to your success.

You may find that when you get good at something and get a boost of confidence, that a certain sector of people will ‘dislike’ you for being confident. Let them have their issues and go right on being confident in what you know.

Be proud of your competences and be willing to help others achieve the same level or better.

Your survival in actual fact depends on gaining consistently new competences, and you’d be wise to help those around you gain theirs rapidly too.

We live in a rapidly evolving world with new things to know about just to be able to function in our day to day lives.

New technologies, new ways of handling things, new protocols in business and socially too.

Gone are the days we can say “I never learned that at school, so I’m not bothering with it now”. Probably the thing you’re having to get used to didn’t even exist when you were at school!

No, we have to face the fact that to be a successful person in the 21st century we MUST be able to rapidly learn and assimilate new things, and become rapidly competent in them, or we get left behind.

Be proud of what you know.

It really is ok to be proud of what you know and using your knowledge to make the world a better place is the best thing that you can do!

Teaching our current school generation HOW to learn is probably the most important thing we could be doing, as well as the basics or reading, writing and maths skills, but also how to handle money, the factors of exchange. Mindset, coping with personal failures and gaining a fiery-eyed determination to overcome obstacles should also be taught.

We can’t build a better world with wobbly-kneed sheep, we need everyone to be able to stand up and be themselves!

If we combined the currently hidden and self-negated awesomeness that is within us all, and let it out, we would factually have a utopia.

That is part of the work I have undertaken, and you sharing the vision by simply reading this will help!

Photocredit: Michael Paul - Flickr

Be competent, be awesome, and teach our children how to be awesome too!


Jez Feldmesser

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