Baïeuurdavfonkistitial (A New word for the planet)

Baïeuurdavfonkistitial as a word, came to me while I was contemplating the inclusion of varied ethnic sounds, vocal and instrumental, in the creation of a new piece of music.

I wanted to be able to perceive the variety of ethnies within the vocal and instrumental structure of the piece such that we are imbued with a deep-seated sensation of the power, beauty and intricately delightful mixedidity of our world/universe.

This new word, Baïeuurdavfonkistitial,now can be used to describe any given human endeavor, creation, work of art or music, architecture, clothing , education or living expression of the energy and satisfyingly uplifting nature of anything that is multi-ethically all-inclusive in nature.

It is a word that describes the existence of the fact that the whole is more than just the sum of it’s parts,because each part acts as a catalytic enhancement of the other parts such that the result is exponentially more than simply the sum.

This might come as a surprisingly new concept, but in looking for the answers to create a fully-aligned and harmonious existence for all, I stumbled across this rather delicious concept and thought it valuable enough to put pen to paper (so to speak) and create this digital manifestation that you are now reading.

Even just saying the word creates a multi-ethnic sensoriality.

[Baï-uur-dav-fonk-iss-tishal], try it! 🙂

Humbly offered to the world as part of the transcendent renaissance,


hashtag #bdvfktl

Jez Feldmesser

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