Allez les jeunes! Which basically translates to “Full ahead the young people!”

This post is a shout-out to the Solidarité Jeunesse – at Le Créneau, Montcombroux-Les-Mines, Allier, France. We visited their open-day today to discover the unsung heroes of the building of a new and wonderfully creative, international, multi-lingual and multicultural world!

Here’s a shout out to everyone I met today, some of whom I didn’t catch your names, but a big Hi to Rosi and Hanna, Alan, Honorine, Joelle, Dj Bettifly and Didier, Antoine, Lorenzo, and several other wonderful people with whom I exchanged a few words but didn’t catch your names. Forgive me, and connect with me through my contact address if you want to continue our stimulating conversation in English, ou en Français si tu prefer….

What’s wonderful is to meet so many people from France, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Denmark and more, all getting along together learning each other’s languages and discovering the cultural differences and similarities.

I’ll leave a link so you can find out about the great work that is done here, bringing young people together for a participation in their own personal expansion and creating links and seeing the world from new aspects. All this through workshops and ‘camps’ where these young people can discover more about themselves and see how they can fit in to the greater picture of an interconnected, prospering and kind, helpful world.


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