4 books to help get you to $100,000 a year.

Yes, you read the title correctly.

You see, “Leaders are Readers” and if you want to get yourself into the 6-figure-a-year bracket you’d be smart to follow the reading advice of one of my mentors who just shared this with me, and because I like to help a lot of people get financially free, I’m sharing his recommendations with you! 🙂

Now, I know that this is an instant-gratification society that we live in, so to make things really EASY for you to get these I’ve included the Amazon links for all of them right on this page.

Now of course you might be asking, “What’s this training you’re doing Jez?”, well I’ll link to that as well, as you’re going to love it if you’re interested in how to actually build a 6-figure-a-year online business in your spare time. It’s called Commission Resurrection, and it’s a complete walk-through of how Ben, my mentor, built his current online business.

Ben, by the way, paid a guy called Michael, $20,000 for one-on-one coaching, which made him over $87,000 in the next three months. So, this isn’t some old junk picked off of some website.

This is the ACTUAL, play-by-play activities of a top online marketer.

SO, enough of the shizzle, here’s the links you want to click already! :

And, last but no means least, the training I was telling you about,

Commission Resurrection. <===== Clickable! 🙂

Buy Commission Ressurection

Enjoy getting stuck into all of these and write me back what you gained from each of them! 🙂

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My drug-free way to get rid of a migraine headache.

My drug-free way to get rid of a migraine headache.

Hi everyone. Today’s blog will be short as I have a migraine starting up and you’ll have to excuse me while I go off-line to handle it. I decided to blog about this today because very often the fact of having a migraine headache affects us so badly that we cannot function normally.
I have known people who have had to disconnect from the world in a total quiet often for many hours or even overnight wasting the entire day because of a migraine headache. I know many people who take drugs (medication) in an attempt to handle it, with more or less success (often less).
Personally I do not take any form of drug. My personal choice. So paracetamol, codeine, or any other drug-based pain killer is not an option.
I do not want to hide the pain from myself.
I want to achieve a harmony with my mind/body so that the pain goes.
Anyone who has suffered from migraines will tell you that it is a tricky beast and not easy to combat. They will also tell you how completely debilitating it can be.


Many people will tell you also that going to sleep is not an option for the fact of lying down justincreases the pain. I have experienced this too, with nausea and vomiting, a state of very reduced faculties and such intense pain I thought my head would explode.
I wasn’t willing to let this continue so… I found a way through.
This is just my personal experience and does not in any way constitute medical advice. If you want medical advice see your doctor.
I will just explain to you here what I did that was successful, so perhaps you to can benefit…
I stood in the middle of a sport floor mat (to be softer to fall on if I was to fall over.)
I shut my eyes and stood straight, relaxing my body as much as possible. (I lift my head up lengthening my neck as if a string was attached to the top of my head.) I allow the blood to circulate freely in my limbs.
the room is quiet and without disturbing lights.
(…. this is where I left to get rid of the pain….the rest is written the next day)
I relax and allow myself to alignwith my body as I feel it.
I do not try to think.
I relax every part of my body as much as possible, especially arms shoulders and neck.
I keep my weight distributed evenly left and right and take a relaxed ‘tai-chi’ type of stance (knees slightly bent, bottom in, shoulders relaxed arms by my sides)
I let go, of tensions. I “let go” of thoughts that try to begin a train of thought. I just let go of everything that I can. I take my attention units OFF of everything that they are stuck to. Problems, appointments, undone actions, incomplete actions etc etc. I just let them go.
I ‘sense’ which way I can go (mentally) that is less painful. I feel around ‘where’ there is less pain and I ‘go’ in that direction.
If I get a picture, idea, or concept appear and it is less painful, I follow. If its more painful I go the other way. This is all mental activity, not body movement.
I often get a “disconnected from body” feeling and I let that happen. The more disconnected the better = less pain.
I considered it prudent to be on a soft floor, just in case I disconnected a little too much, but I know the body is totally capable of taking care of itself and it doesn’t need me, so I can disconnect for a while and I know I’ll feel better when I get back.
Often the eyes will ‘cry’ and I will yawn. I continue the relaxing, following the less-pain pathway and controlling my breathing. Deep long intake , slow full exhale.
I continue this activity for as long as it takes to completely relieve the pain.
As I was writing this last night I had to stop and do exactly as explained above for almost an hour, and afterwards when the pain is all gone, I get very hungry! I’m sure that the mental activity engaged in while doing this uses up a bunch of calories!
So I got a melted cheese and Marmite sandwich and went to bed. I slept great and woke up full of life! (My wife can vouch for that!)
So, there you have it. For me, it works every time and it’s worth spending the hour or two that it takes to completely rid myself of the migraine headache ‘attack’.
I have already tried many other solutions before when I was younger, and nothing ever worked. I have before spent a day or two in bed, suffering and thinking I’d be afflicted for life with this. But , thankfully, these are a rare occurrence (about 2 or 3 a year) but when it turns on, I know I can turn it off, without having to resort to any medication or waste a day  in pain.
I hope this can give some hope to you if you suffer from these type of headaches. Try it and let me know what happens.
Catch you all tomorrow!



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Getting free traffic to your website from Facebook

We all know that whatever business model you have, be it affiliate, MLM, or other self-owned online business website, getting traffic (visitors) to your website is utterly crucial for your success.

But, you don’t want just any old traffic. You can buy junk clicks for a few pence a click, but that’s just what it is, junk. Waste of time and money. What you do want is targeted traffic. People that are actually interested in the type of offer you have.

For example, if you had a pet accessories store, you’d want visitors who owned pets and getting traffic from a football fan page wouldn’t be of much use.

Keep this in mind when you’re thinking of traffic. For best results with traffic you want to create “traffic lanes” that keep a steady flow of “correct demographic” type visitors flowing to your website.

One of the simple ways to do this is via Facebook fan-pages. I won’t go into all the details of this in this article, but I will put a link at the end that you can follow if you want to find out how to set these up.

There is an abundance of traffic on Facebook, but also on YouTube too which is equally useful as a great source of targeted traffic. Targeted because the subject of the channel that you use videos from or that you set up yourself filters the kind of people that you’re looking for. Again, just check out the link for more info on getting more free traffic from YouTube.

Once you set these “traffic lanes” up, you can expect a steady flow of responsive visitors to your website.

Traffic, of course, isn’t the only thing you need to run a successful online business, but without it, all your work will be for nothing, so make sure you understand how to generate targeted traffic to your business, before you invest much time or money into it.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t set up a high-class expensive restaurant in the dead beat area of town where no-one can afford your services. Don’t make the same mistake online.

Flourish and prosper!

Jez Feldmesser

Facebook traffic hack

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Three step wealth plan and why you’re so close….

paradise gained following the footprints in the sand

Paradise gained following the footprints in the sand

Like most people, I started online to create an online income of course, but very rapidly I discovered an astounding thing.

Thousands of other people were also, like me and you, struggling to make this online business thing work.

There is SO much information, and SO many ways that you COULD start to earn online, that as soon as you put your toes in the water, you feel that you’re going to drown.

Or at least I did, perhaps you can relate?

I’ve connected with hundreds of people online now since I began really, only four years ago, and the majority of them had a hard time getting started.

It hasn’t been an easy ride.

I’ve bought countless courses, watched untold hours of training videos, created websites, blogs, capture pages, and sales funnels and spent probably over $10,000 online to get where I am today.

Factually, I’ve expanded and learned so much in those few short years, I literally could create a university course for you with what I have learned online.

Truth be known, I’ve certainly put in more training hours than your average University Degree student, AND I’ve been quietly building my online business WHILE I’ve been learning how to do it.

It’s one of the entrepreneur sayings that goes around from a quote by Ray Bradbury, the famous Science Fiction author (and if you haven’t read any science fiction, then I suggest you do because what we think becomes our reality, so think in Futures!)

It’s like you jump off the cliff first,
and then learn how to build wings on the way down”

But why am I telling you all this?

Well that is very easy to answer.

Because now I have my OWN 3 step wealth plan website that YOU can access and use and see and learn HOW to create an online business, market and earn online for a very affordable entrance fee.

I am really excited about this website and the training provided, because it allows practically anyone who wants to make this work, to achieve success without those years of struggling that I have gone through.

I can hardly believe that it’s true, but it is and it ready for you, right now.

The three step wealth plan, for you to finally shake off your shoes and  simply follow the route to success online by following the footprints in the sand…

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Making your WP menu items open in a new tab

Well, it’s easy.

But it’s hidden.

I had this question and Googled it to find the answer. It isn’t obvious because the part to click on to get access to the required tick-boxes is labeled “Screen options” and honestly I never thought of looking there to find the box to tick to make a new box to tick item open in my menu layout.

But there you go.

So to help out all my WP blogging friends, many of whom are entrepreneurs like me, so your links now can open in a new tab and not lose your awesome blog page if your visitor clicks something (like they’re supposed to! 🙂

Here’s the link to the very useful article that covers it fully.


Thanks to my friends at Template Monster.com! 🙂

We appreciate you guys!

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What the…??? Is that a new B-mobile B-man?….

car-49278_640B: Yes, Robin, it is.  And I paid for it myself!
R: Holy; smokes B-man! That baby must have cost a pretty penny!
B: Well, yes it did, but you know, with my new enterprising activities
it’s not hard to make it back.
R: Woweee B-man, I’d sure like to know how to do that!!
B: Well, you’re in luck Robin, because a good friend of the
Commissioner G, a cool guy by the name of Chris X, has just
allowed the select members of this list to get SIX high-tech
very sophisticated, electronic web-intel machines for less than
the cost of their comic subscriptions!!
R: Really???!!!
B: Yes, but it’s only for a limited time.
We can’t have just anybody getting their hands on this….
No, we have to be careful, and smart.
Just a select few, who can see the brilliance of Chris’s plan
and will help you and me change the lives of many people
who live in Grotham City.
R: How so B-man?
B: Here, Let me show you.
See that RED phone on the dashboard , use that and you’ll learn
all about it.
If you don’t jump on this now, then I can’t really help you.
You’ve got the knowledge, now it’s up to you to use it…
Good luck Robin!

red phone

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WordPress backup. Did you even THINK about this?



I’m assuming you didn’t.

I didn’t either.

You see when it comes to backing up
Wordpress sites most people rely on a, usually free, WP plugin to do their backups.

Yes, I did that too.

But that’s exactly the problem.

When it’s a plugin, and WP goes down, so does your plugin.

So no access to your site, or a backup or anything.

You’re stuffed.

And your online income source is too.

So, while a plugin IS better than nothing,
and it might save you from complete disaster,
what I have here is the Ultimate solution.

It isn’t a plugin.

It’s a program that you use to back-up
clone and restore COMPLETE WP installations.

You can even use it to clone sites and sell them to clients.

Lucrative Niche sites?

NO problem!

Set up a new site in a few clicks
from an established model and have full-blown sexy-looking
targeted niche sites for any range of products.

The possibilities are endless!

SO while your brilliant ideas are germinating in your head,
get this Special Offer for unlimited sites
AND collect your Done For You websites!


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Upcoming launch of topbodynow.com! An all American organic food, supplement and health products store!

tbnopening1Yes, it’s exciting times! We’re about ready to launch http://topbodynow.com and be able to provide a range of over 10, 000 products ranging from certified Organic and GMO-free produce to natural ingredients cosmetics and health and wellness products.

The aim is to provide a rapid delivery to anywhere in the USA of top-quality organic foodstuffs and health supplements for the conscious consumer who knows it’s worth spending a little extra for top quality food for a healthy lifestyle (and avoiding the doctors bills!)

As one of the pillars of Feldmesser.co , healthy eating and lifestyle is a high priority to ensure that people can enjoy their lives free from problems caused by insufficient healthy nutrition.

Many recent researches show that correct nutrition goes a very long way to reducing the necessity for any type of medication, and assists majorly in the recovery process too.

Topbodynow.com is intended to be a one-stop healthy lifestyle shop that you can easily order (in quantity too!) those items that are just what your body needs to maintain a healthy balance and get the right nutrients.

As we live in a highly-processed food chain system, extra care is needed to make sure our bodies get the vital nutrients, vitamins and elements for our sustained health and resistance to illness.

As the owner of topbodynow.com I work diligently to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and endeavor to become a valuable asset to the Healthy American Lifestyle!

With the emphasis on organic and healthy GMO-free produce, we have a wide range of products for every-day care of you and your loved-ones! With our special baby and children sections to botanicals and herbs. We’re really excited to be able to provide such high-quality products to save you the time and effort of hunting down such items, or driving miles to spend hours in stores. At topbodynow.com you can use our powerful search feature to find exactly what you’re looking for and order how ever much you want.

With the customer account section you’ll be able to see all your orders and save your favorite items too!

We’ll also be keeping you up to date on new products that we add and providing you with special offers too!

In the blog section you can browse the latest information on various healthy lifestyle topics and even find unique recipes to try out!

Health and fitness go hand in hand, so you can be assured that while providing toip-quality foodstuffs and supplements, topbodynow.com will also be featuring simple and easy ways to make small changes to your current lifestyle to reap massive benefits in health and vitality!

I have learned over more than a half a century that small and easy-to-do changes in your lifestyle when compounded over time create massive effects. It’s easy to get into bad habits, but it is also as easy to get into Good habits too! And when you’re enjoying life so much more because of your good habits for health, you’ll never look back!

Topbodynow.com is USA only delivery but we’ll keep you informed as soon as our sister sites for Europe and Asia open!

We’re really excited to be able to bring you topbodynow.com and hope to see you shopping with us very soon!



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Your (near infinite) actual worth versus your perceived worth

feldmesser-co800Hey there, Jez Feldmesser here, from Feldmesser.co.

I was feeling particularly good, being solidly connected to all-that-is in a fun and interesting way today, that I considered it valuable to you to talk to you about how much you’re worth.

Now, I’m not talking about how much you’re currently getting paid “per hour” of your actions in our ‘commercial’ society. I’m talking about how much you’re actually worth, to all-that-is, the world or universe in general depending on how you see things.

I’m guessing, becuase I don’t know you who’s reading this, but I’m guessing that you feel that you’re worth more than you’re being paid.

Am I right? Are you worth more to the world than you’re currently being paid?

OK, cool. I thought so too. But I also think that the job/societal situation you’re curently involved in isn’t perhaps exactly what you would prefer. There are perhaps some things that could be improved?

Ok, good, becuase you and me here are just going to talk over some of these things and then I’m going to let you loose to get that all being sorted out in your own way.

Well, alright. We agree, you’re worth way more than you’re being paid. That’s cool. But, If my hunch is right, you’re not sure how a) you could deliver your worth and b) how you could get exchanged for it. (paid).

Well, that is in fact part of the reason I created Feldmesser.co, which is a platform, meeting ground, learning center, life-enhancement studio that you can come and get some good stuff, to help you get what you want out of life, by showing you how you can put into life your true value.

How does that sound?

You OK with that concept?

Excellent. Becuase the end result of our little talk here is intended to be an enhanced you , more clear on where you’re going and how fun and exciting and remunerative your next actions will be.

Now, while there are a ton of courses out there on the mechanics of marketing; Capture pages, autoresponders, e-mail marketing, SEO, key-word research, and all that, somtimes the core values of what you’re intending to achieve get a little lost in all that and then the energy doesn’t flow from or to you as you’d like.

Hopefully I can help align you to your true power so you CAN make it all flow.

You are, in fact, a spiritual being with near infinite potential, so you should stop all the self-disparaging gossip you might have going on to yourself. You’re worthy and you’re worth it. You’re as valuable as any other being on this planet and you should be proud of it.

Now I want to get you connected with what you want for the world and have you see that setting up your flows so you can help others will get the flow coming back to you in more ways than you can imagine.

It’s all about People, and if you really know and apply that principle you’ll do just fine.

Help people get what they want and you’ll be able to have everything that you want.

SO, first. Realise how valuable and worthy you are. You don’t need anyones approval, or a monetary value put on your worth. You can’t even think of a number that big, so don’t even try.

Now, from that place of extreme worth, figure out what you want to achieve for the world and set up ways to get that in motion, while ensuring an easy way for others to flow money and energy back to you.

That’s why Social Media has value, becuase it connects people.

And connected people INCREASE in their value through exchange.

Do what you love. Love what you do, and be willing to get paid for your output, over and over again.

If you work for a boss currently and get paid say 12 bucks an hour, I want you to imagine doing an hour’s work on something, and then exchanging that work, not with just one boss who give you $12, but with say, 100 people , each of whom pay you happily $12 for your work. So now you have $1200 for an hours work instead of $12.

Am I making sense here?

Allright, good, so we’re on the same wavelength.

So now, you’re asking me, “Jez, how do I set this being paid again and again machine?”

Well I’m really glad you asked that, but this article is already a tad oversized so I’m going to have to say, connect with me on Facebook, Jez Feldmesser or go to my blog, feldmesser.co and connect there.

And I’m really looking forward to building on this awesome relationship we’ve got here!

Have a great day and remember my powerful mantra:

“Go to sleep…..

smarter than you woke up!”


Jez Feldmesser


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Celebration time of over 2000 subscribers!

2021celebrateYes my friends, I’m celebrating another golden milestone on my route to ultimate success and freedom!

Just yesterday I passed the 2000 subscribers goal on my personal mailing lists!

I do quite a bit of online marketing and helping people build their online businesses.
In fact, I’ve made it my business to help others get success in theirs!

And you can easily become a part of my success story by connecting with me and tell me what you’re struggling with and I’ll show you my best solution.

I’ll admit, when I first got into this “online business thing” I struggled for nearly two years, I spent a lot of money on training and ‘packages’ just to end up getting even more confused!

And I won’t say I didn’t ever think of giving up at times. But we all live and learn,and reminding yourself why you started always helps to get through the tough times.

I’ll let you in on a secret though. Get a mentor. Someone who’s further down the road than you and willing to show you the ropes.

I’m lucky to have had reasonable success in my endeavors and as you can see it’s gaining momentum and growing every day, and that’s because I work my business AS a business and put in some time and attention to it every day.

Yes, there are a number of ways that you can automate quite a large chunk of an online business and I love to discover ways I can use technology to do more in less time, but ultimately there is stuff to be done every day!

You see, my ultimate goal is to create a massive legacy for my children (3) and grandchildren (4) and also to be able to profit from my later years in a comfortable lifestyle that hasn’t yet seen it’s greatest times!

I’m able to celebrate today because I found two mentors, Anji and Ben who are living their lifestyle dreams because they are helping hundreds of people every day reach their online business goals.

I’m very happy to be able to connect you with them because I know you’ll be taken good care of and looked after. They are a great couple and very approachable, there’s no Corporate stuff here! Just two very good friends who’ll be more than happy to share what they know and ensure you see success too!

YJez4ou can become part of my success story by starting to write your own!

Join my mailing list and begin your journey to online success, HERE!

I look forward to meeting you!



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