Virtual Profit System review and walkthrough

Hey friends, Jez Feldmesser here from bringing you a review and walkthrough of the Virtual Profit System created by Ben Martin and Anji Long.

I’ll let you know straight off that I am using this system everyday and I am an affiliate so when you choose to follow the link above and get your own subscription for the Free members area, you’ll be joining my mailing list and have access to my insights and offers to help you with your online business.

I will also receive a commission should you decide to purchase the Virtual Profit System for yourself, which is quite likely as it’s only $27.

The VPS Free system plugs you in directly to the generation of leads online, which is the number one stumbling block of any online entrepreneur.

You may have the greatest product or system, but if you don’t know how to get free or limited-budget leads for your offer, you’re stuck before you even got started.

That’s the primary reason Ben and Anji put this free training in place, within the free system, so anyone wanting to get started could do so with a zero expense.

Then, in the free system two other tools are introduced that are vital for any online entrepreneur, advertising and an autoresponder, and while neither of these are free themselves, their cost can easily be covered from a few sales of the VPS paid system, which because of its comprehensive training and high-value content is easy to sell to anyone who is serious about expanding their online business, or simply want’s to start earning from home.

Here is the view of the “back office” of the paid members area that shows you all the trainign steps available in easy-to-follow video format. As a note there are 2 tabs that are not available at the $27 price point but are higher-level training for the more advanced user, which include a complete e-mail mastery course $77 and the advanced monthly membership level for those wanting one-on-one weekly training with Anji and Ben.


As you see in the picture the ‘Free lead magnet’ tab, allows you to promote the VPS free system so anyone can get a free lead-generation system and training which they can use forever to get free leads for any business from Facebook, Youtube and other social media.

I also have made a “walkthrough” video so you can sit back and let me show you all about it here :

You’ll also notice the FTC compliance section and complete business transparency of the system for your security and longevity of the platform.

As you might expect, all training packages and products are commissionable, so while you help your marketing friends expand their online success, you can make some commissions as you go!

Affiliate marketing as a way of providing value to your customers and followers is very smart business-sense.


I have been following the training of Anji and Ben for the last few months and now have my own list of subscribers, which is now over 1500 strong and growing daily.

I’ll admit here that I had been struggling to get any leads online before I finally came across Anji and Ben’s Virtual Profit System.

aweber subscribersSee a screen-shot here of my Aweber (autoresponder) account as of today.

Not bad eh?

Well, I now help all these people on my list by answering their queries, and a number of them have of course upgraded to the VPS pro version and are part of my entrepreneurs team making progress towards their dream lifestyle in 2016!

There is as you might expect a Facebook Group for all VPS members as well as a page to introduce people to the system.

There are newbies and experienced marketers using VPS, becuase the higher level training and high-ticket items are there ready for anyone who want’s to move up fast in the marketing game.

However, the begining training and free system are perfect for anyone who has never done any online marketing and who perhaps has an online store or home based business and who simply want’s to learn how to use the power of social media to get leads.

I hope this short article has given you a good overview of what you can expect from the Virtual Profit System and I certainly hope to see you among the throng of members in the Facebook group soon!

Remember my mantra :

“Flourish and Prosper!”

Jez Feldmesser

Your entrepreneur friend

You can get your system here : Virtual Profit System


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