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Jez Feldmesser

Hi there!
Welcome to Feldmesser.co

Hosting a wide variety of positive topics I intend to inspire , enrich and connect with all my visitors. I’m a geek grandfather who seeks to generate positivity wherever I go, and ultimately help people find the true power that they are!

Having gained half a century of experience under my belt and a few thousand hours practice in a number of different fields of activity I created Feldmesser.co to be the legacy repository of my valuable knowledge and experience.

The main intention for this is to provide anyone with a rapidly accessible database of hard-won, real-world, tried and tested knowledge and the philosophy behind that knowledge so anyone can immediately benefit.
Right now.
And in so doing create an enhanced lifestyle around them.

The butterfly-effect of all that I am creating here will have untold positive impact on people and thus on our planet. I know that perhaps some people may consider me a little strange, because I think on a global scale as an everyday activity. But that’s just me.

I know that by simply helping one person to achieve a better standard of living for him or herself, to be rewarded more and enhance their worth to themselves and the community,  I am factually impacting not just their life but the lives of their family and those around them and that the cumulative benefit of even just a few thousand people helped in this way will literally change the world.

So, if you’re in to self-development, personal enhancement, entrepreneurship, creating wealth in abundance or just keeping fit and healthy then I have something for you here!

Feel free to browse around and bookmark this page so you can keep coming back for more great value content! (Hit CTRL, D)

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